Each semester, after I get my teaching evaluations back, I read all of the comments and type up a summary of those comments for each course in a single Word document. I don't type them out verbatim, but I try to get the main idea from the comments and I try to leave out personal comments such as "Arup rocks!" or "Arup sucks." If something is just plain funny, I might have put it in there for kicks. Also, if a comment is very repetitive (20 people say the same thing), I might just write it down the first five or six times and then stop writing it. After I write down the students' comments, I reread them and then make some personal notes for myself with respect to things I can do in future classes and my perception of the class based on the students' comments. This writing in bold is mostly my opinion while the non-bold writing is almost directly the students thoughts. (I paraphrase and clean up spelling, but the ideas are really the students' ideas, not mine.) I have arranged these documents in chronological order by semester, with one document for each semester. The classes within each document are in no particular order. Here are the students' comments:
Starting in the Fall of 2009, the University compiled students' responses directly without any filtering. To save time, I have directly posted these documents. Some students don't express themselves in a way that most would find pleasant. When I used to filter and edit, I'd keep the essence of the comment while editing out swear words. If you are the type of person who doesn't like reading harsh language, I'd suggest skipping over parts (most probably the "what I liked least") of the documents. The statistics file, of course, is safe.