2018 International Workshop on String Algorithms in Bioinformatics (StringBio)
October 25 - 27, 2018, Harris Corporation Engineering Center, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL

The program consist of three keynote lectures, a series of tutorials on string algorithms and their applications in bioinformatics given by experienced researchers, and a number of oral presentations given by students as listed below. Click here for the detailed program.

1. Martin Farach – Colton; The suffix Tree [slide]
2. Srinivas Aluru;  Long Read Mapping at Scale: Algorithms and Applications [slide]
3. Giri Narasimhan; Causality and Dynamics in Microbiomes [slide]
4. Solon Pissis; Advanced Data Structures for Sequence Analysis [slide]
5. O─čuzhan külekci; Data Compression and its Application in Biological Data Management [slide]
6. Alan Kuhnle; Genome Indexing and the Burrows-Wheeler Transform [slide]
7. Arnab Ganguly; Approximate Pattern Matching and Bidirectional Burrows Wheeler Transform with Applications [slide]
8. Brian Brubach; Bloom Filters, Minhashes and Other Random Stuff [slide]
9. Diego Diez; Succinct Debruijn Graphs [slide]
10. Patrick Flick; Parallel, Distributed-Memory String Indexes - Efficient Construction, and Querying [slide]
11. Michael Kirsche; Suffix Array Piecewise Linear Index for Genomics [slide]
12. Sairam Behera; Suffix Tree Approach to Discover Conserved Non-Coding Sequences in Plants [slide]
13. Bahar Alipanahi; Debruijn Graphs and its Applications in Genome Assembly and Variant Calling [slide]
14. Vicky Zheng; Mobile Computing for Connected Components in Streamed Metagenomics Minion Reads [slide]
15. Dan DeBlasio; Building an Automated Bioinformatician: Choosing InputSpecific Parameter Choices for Biological Analysis [slide]
16. Guillaume Marçais; Generalization of the Minimizers Schemes [slide]
17. Fahad Alqahtani; Statistical Mitogenome Assembly with Repeats [slide]
18. Daniel Gibney; Algorithms for Genome Mappability [slide]
19. Neda Tavakoli; Approximate Sequence Matching Algorithms to Handle Bounded Number of Errors [slide]
20. Kaden King; Expanding the Utility of Third Generation Sequencing with Mobile k-mer Counting [slide]
21. Anton Nekhai; Diagnosis of Facioscapulohumeral Dystrophy Through Nanopore Sequencing [slide]
22. Mark E. Royer; Java String-bioinformatics Libraries in Kawa Scheme [slide]
23. Pavel Avdeyev; Adequate Subgraph Approach for Guided Genome Halving Problem [slide]  
24. Lorraine Ayad; CNEFinder: Finding Conserved Non-Coding Elements in Genomes [slide]
25. Ehdieh Khaledian; A Study of All Recognized Bacterial Phyla Using Network Science and Whole Proteome Clustering [slide]



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