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Sahar Hooshmand

January 14, 2021
  Sahar Hooshmand Adjunct Faculty Email E-mail Home Page Research Interests String Algorithms Text Compression BioInformatics

Johnathan Mell

December 17, 2020
  Johnathan Mell Assistant Professor Ph.D., Computer Science University of Southern California, 2020 Email Office HPA2-238G Phone TBD E-mail Home Page Research Interests Artificial Intelligence Human-Computer Interaction Socially-Aware Agents Virtual Agents Business Strategy Negotiation Games/Edutainment Behavioral Game Theory Other Experience Professional Intern, Disney Parks & Resorts (2015) Vice President, Software Engineering & Customer…

Zhishan Guo

July 14, 2020
  Zhishan Guo Assistant Professor Ph.D., Computer Science University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2016 Email Phone Office HEC-433 Phone (407) 823-1024 E-mail Home Page Research Interests Modeling and analysis of real-time systems Machine learning theory and neural networks Secured and energy-aware cyber-physical systems Ongoing Research Projects CRII: NeuroMC – Parallel Online…

Jun Wang

June 6, 2020
  Jun Wang Joint Faculty Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering University of Cincinnati, 2002 Email Phone Office HEC-320 Phone (407) 823-0449 E-mail Home Page Research Page ARGIS Research Research Interests Big Data and Big Learning Computer Massive Storage and File Technology Data Intensive Computing Ongoing Research Projects CCF/SHF: Multi-criteria optimization control for temperature…

Xiaoman Shawn Li

May 5, 2020
  Xiaoman Shawn Li Joint Faculty Email Phone Office HEC-210 Phone (407) 823-8411 E-mail Home Page Research Interests Transcription factor binding site prediction Enhancer target gene prediction Metagenomics

Dirk Reiners

January 21, 2020
  Dirk Reiners Associate Professor Email Phone Office HEC-220 Phone (407) 823-2341 E-mail Home Page Research Rendering Systems for Virtual and Augmented Reality Immersive Display Systems Interactive Visualization of Large Data Applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality Other Experience CTO, CG Heroes LLC, 2018- Associate Professor, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, 2015-2019…