EEL 6788: Advanced Topics in Computer Networks (Fall 2005)



August 24, 2005:   Syllabus, How to read, write and present papers (by Prof. Nitin Vaidya), Lecture 1

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Sensor Platforms/Applications/Systems

August 31, 2005:   Lecture 2

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TinyOS: a component-based OS for the networked sensor regime

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September 7, 2005:   Lecture 3

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Routing I

September 14, 2005:   Lecture 4

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Guest Speaker: Dr. Ladislau Boloni

September 21, 2005:   Lecture 5: Multiagent Systems

Routing II

September 28, 2004:   Lecture 6

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Data Dissemination and Fusion

October 5, 2005:   Lecture 7

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Guest Speaker: Dr. Joohan Lee

October 12, 2005:   Lecture 8: Computer Networks Security

Topology Management

October 19, 2005:   Lecture 9

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Initial Project Presentations

October 26 and November 2, 2005  

Medium Access Control

November 9, 2005:   Lecture 12

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Sensor Data Management

November 16, 2005:   Lecture 13

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