Date Lecture Description Readings Homework / Assignments Materials / Announcements
Jan 2008 Computer Vision History Lecture note 1
Jan 2008 Measurement of Motion:
  • Image Motion Models
  • Optical Flow Methods
  • Video Mosaics
Lecture note 2 Form groups for course project.
17 Jan 2008 Displacement Models
  • Mosaic
  • Instantaneous Velocity Model
  • 3-D Rigid Motion
  • Orthographic Projection
  • Optical Flow Methods
  • Orthographic Projection
  • Image Motion Models
  • Epipolar Geometry
  • Essential Matrix
  • Fundamental Matrix
  • Normalized 8-point algorithm
Lecture note 3 Homework 1 OpenCV Instructions
OpenCV Examples
Fundamental Matrix Example
21 Jan
Computing Optical Flow
  • Horn&Schunck Optical Flow
  • Lucas & Kanade Optical Flow
Lecture note 4
23 Jan
  • Triangular
  • Gaussian
  • Laplacial
Lecture note 5 Lucas Kanade code in MATLAB
28 Jan
Global Flow
  • Affine
  • Image Warping
  • Projective
Lecture note 6 Homework 2 (due 4 Feb)
30 Jan
Video Mosiac Lecture note 7
4 Feb
Feature-based Registration Lecture note 8 1- Homework 3 (due 11 Feb)
2- Program Assignment
(due 18 Feb)

3- Wide Baseline Matching Lecture
Associated Files: seq1 seq2 seq3 head Imgs
6 Feb 2008 Target Tracking Using Mean Shift Lecture note 9
11 Feb
Change Detection
Skin Detection
Lecture note 10
13 Feb
Structure from Motion Lecture note 11
Lecture note 100
Programming assignment  1 Presentations (18 Feb)
18 Feb
Model-base Video Compression Lecture note 12
20 Feb
Recognizing  Facial Expressions Lecture note 13
24 Feb
Kalman Filter Lecture note 14 Homework 4 (due 24 Mar)
26 Feb
Hand Gesture Recognition Lecture note 15
1 Mar
Lecture note 16
3 Mar
Action Recognition Lecture note 17
Multi View Geometry of Moving Cameras Lecture note 20 Mid Term Exam: Wednesday April 16
24 Mar
Classification of Video Shots Using 3D Camera Motion Lecture note 30

-March 31:         Questions/answers Lecture 2-10…. (point out the errors/typos in the slides)

-April 2:                Questions/answers Lecture 11---14 (Kalman filter  ) and Lecture  100  (point out the errors/typos in the slides)

More Notes on Projects


Measurement of Motion
Displacement Models
Computing Optical Flow
Global Flow
Video Mosiac
Feature-based Registration
Target Tracking Using Mean Shift
Change Detection
Skin Detection
Structure from Motion
Model-base Video Compression
Recognizing  Facial Expressions
Kalman Filter
Hand Gesture Recognition
Action Recognition

Grading Policy
  1. Homeworks             15%
  2. Midterm exam       15% (Wednesday April 16)
  3. Project                      70%

Homeworks and Assignments

HW1:  HW 2: (due 4 Feb 2008)
HW 3: (due 11 Feb 2008)
HW 4: (due 24 March ) Estimation Usign Flexible Wireframe Model equations
Prg 1: (due 13 Extended to 18 Feb 2008) Associated Files: seq1 seq2 seq3 head Imgs

Porjects (updated)

Some notes about project:

-Since it is 70% of your grade, it will require significant amount of effort. It will require at least three times the effort you put in on the program..

-Project can deal with the real world system, which can demonstrate some new and interesting application of computer vision.. (Applications project)

-Project can be on completely new idea, which can ultimately become a research paper, but the paper is not expected for the class. (research project)

-Project should not be just implementation of some paper..

-Project should demonstrate understanding of concepts which you have learnt in the class, or other concepts which you have not learnt, but need to learn in order to finish the project.

-Please seek help from me for the project…

-Initial ideas are always  important, but preliminary, they need to be refined…  I can help you to refine these, you need to be willing to put in efforts…

Week of March 24

March 26             No class; Attend Talk by Professor Zhu at 4:00 PM, Harris 101

Week of  April 7  (15% of your grade)

April 7                   Demo/Report for Term Project (four students: Bilal, Ramin, Kagin, Yan)                                

April 9                   Demo/Report for Term Project (four students; Yusuf, Enrique, Suraj, Abassel)            

Week of April 14

April 14                                 Exam  (15% of your grade)

April 16                                 Lecture on Facial expression Recognition

Week of April 21                              (15% of your grade)

April 21                 Demo/Report for Term Project (four students: Bilal, Ramin, Kagin, Yan)

April 23                 Demo/Report for Term Project (four students; Yusuf, Enrique, Suraj, Abassel)

Final exam April 28? 

Demos of your projects: Open to public  ..


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