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Instructor: Dr. Niels da Vitoria Lobo
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How to do the assignments

Update 50:

Update 31: Nov 16 : Assignment Deep Learning MNIST (Required):

Update 30: Nov 2:

Update 29: Nov 2: Optical Flow Assignment (Required):

      Here is the set of directions for installing OpenCV and doing the Optical Flow demo. 4453OpticalFlowOpenCVImplem5.pdf

      In this assignment, you will run the Optical Flow algorithm from the OpenCV Library. Follow the directions in the provided pdf notes (above) to see how to install Visual Studio 2017, the OpenCV Library, and the code that will call the appropriate modules from the library. You are expected to show a live demo of your camera running the optical flow (if this is impossible, you are allowed to run the algorithm on two frames, as shown in the pdf directions). The Optical Flow algorithm has been implemented in the library by following the theory that is presented in the paper (bouguetopticalflow.pdf in Update 30). These equations in the paper are similar to the ones discussed in our Optical Flow notes (how to get results for 3 or more points), but are derived in a different manner, and use a Pyramidal approach that is also described in the paper. (You do not need to understand that paper to obtain good experimental results). For showing your working demo, you will do a live demo with the grader, and will show that your cam is able to see a moving pattern, such as some text on a sheet of paper (that is moved slowly), and the cam window displays the optical flow vectors.

Update 28: Oct 15:

Update 27: Oct 12:

      Required Assignment Two: In this assignment, you will download and run our implementation of AdaBoost, using the positive and negative examples we have provided.

      Carefully read the steps in here,

      Unzip the zip file.
      Everything ( vboost, vdetect, positive and scenery) is included in the .zip file (positive and scenery are in ..\AdaBoost\vboost, Germany.pgm is in ..\AdaBoost). Should you run into any issues while compiling the software, or during running it, send an email to
      For judging whether you are on the right track to success with this assignment, run the test on the German Soccer Team image. After all the improvements (such as training on 2000 images of each class), your results should be such that most of the faces are found, and there are few False Positives (boxes drawn in places where there are no faces). There is no partial credit for this Assignment, you must succeed fully to get the points. For grading, you will meet the grader and show the program running and getting the result on an image that we will provide you.

Update 26: Oct 11:

Update 25 Oct 8:

Update 24: Oct 6:

Update 23: Oct 6 :

Update 22: Oct 1 :

Update 21: Oct 1:

Update 20: Sep 29:

Update 19: Sep 29:

Update 18: Sep 29:

Update 17: Sep 16:

Update 16: Sep 15:

Update 15: Sep 15:

      Practice Test One
      In addition to this list of questions, there will be a few (7 or 8) single-point questions that will test if the student has understood deeper issues and details about the study material. This practice test corresponds to about 85 percent of the actual test.

Update 14: Sep 10:

Update 13: Sep 8:

      For the face detection topic, Google: viola jones robust real-time object
      Then, select the paper that is found at (or named viola-IJCV-01.pdf

Update 12: Sep 8:

Update 11: Sep 4 :
      Zoom recording for the Lecture of September 3 is now viewable. Please go to the webcourses Announcements to get the youTube link.

Update 10: Sep 3 :

Update 9: Sep 1 :
      Zoom recording for the Lecture of September 1 is now viewable. Please go to the webcourses page, and look at the Announcements to get the youTube link.

Update 8: Sep 1 :
      The zoom link for today's lecture will be in the webcourses Announcements at 2:40pm, class starts at 3pm, but you can start earlier if you have questions for me.

Update 7: Aug 28:
      Zoom recording for the Lecture of August 27 is now viewable. Please go to the webcourses page, and look at the Announcements to get the youTube link.

Update 6: Aug 27:

Update 5: Aug 27:

Update 4: Aug 26:
      Zoom recordings for the Lecture of August 25, these recordings are now viewable. To get the 3 youTube links (for each of 3 parts), please go to the webcourses page, and look at the Announcements (panel on the left).

Update 3: Aug 25:
      Assignment 0:
      Due to Federal Government rules related to financial aid, you must go to Webcourses and complete Assignment Zero before the end of this coming Friday, Aug 28, 2020.

Update 2: Aug 25:

Update 1: Aug 25:

Class Syllabus

  • Programs
  • Input Images
  • Output Images

  • Intro To C