CDA 6530: Performance Models of Computers and Networks

Fall 2011

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For powerpoint slides of lectures, you can goto:   to download the corresponding ppt files. Some math notations may not be correctly displayed due to different fonts on different computers.

The "written notes" are what the instructor writes on tablet PC whiteboard in each class.

1.  (08/23) Class overview, review of probability (intro, prob-1, written notes)
2.  (08/25) Review of probability; review of random variable (random, written notes)
3.  (08/30) Review of random variable (continue, written notes)
4.  (09/01) Examples of random variable (written notes, homework 1 is due Sept. 8th via webcourse)
5.  (09/06) Continue example of random variable (written notes)
6.  (09/08) Stochastic process: Counting, Bernulli, Poisson process (stochastic, written notes)
7.  (09/13) Homework 1 solution (solution is in webcourse); Stochastic process: Poisson process examples (written notes)
8.  (09/15) Stochastic process: Markov chain, Markov process, semi-Markov process (written notes)
9.  (09/20) Basic Matlab introduction;
Generating random number and random variables (matlab, generate-rv, written notes)  project 1 is assigned and due Sept. 29th; a good Matlab programming tips document
10. (09/22) Generate random variable; Hidden Markov model (HMM-intro, written notes)
11. (09/27) Basic queuing theory: M/M/1 queue (queue-1)
  explain project 1:  (1). difference between simulation results and theoretical results.
12. (09/29) Basic queuing theory: M/M/*/* queue (written notes)
13. (10/04) 
Examples of stochastic process and M/M/1 queue (example, written notes, homework 2 is assigned and due Oct. 12th midnight)
14. (10/06) Basic queuing network (queue-network, written notes)
15. (10/11) Matlab Simulink for numerical solutions of differential equations; Programming project 2 is assigned and due Oct. 26rd (written notes; tips on how to present figures)
16. (10/13) Homework 2 solution explanation, review of midterm exam (midterm-review); Using Simulation for Statistical Analysis and Verification (statistic-matlab) written notes 
17. (10/18) No lecture-- midterm exam published in webcourse
18. (10/20) Transform theory (transform); Discrete-time and discrete-event simulation (DiscreteEventSimulation) written notes
19. (10/25) Tips on project 2; Discrete event simulation (written notes)
20. (10/27) Example of discrete-event simulation of three caller problem in homework 2 based on Markov Model (DiscreteEventSimulation-example,
simulation Matlab code); Explain solution to project 2; Programming project 3 is assigned and due Nov. 7th (written notes)
21. (11/01)
Realistic simulation of the three-caller problem in homework 2 (simulation Matlab code) written notes  
22. (11/08) Statistical analysis of simulated data (confidence-interval, Matlab example code); explanation of Project 4 which is due Nov. 18th, written notes
23. (11/10) NS2 tutorial: part 1 (NS2-tutorial, twoNode example code)
24. (11/15) NS2 tutorial: part 2 (2UDP3Nodes, TCP3Source, ringLinkfailure example codes)
25. (11/17) NS2 tutorial: part 3: wireless ad hoc network simulation
26. (11/22) NS2 tutorial: part 4: generate movement file and topology file; project 5 is assigned and due Dec. 5
27. (11/29) Explanation of solution to project 4
28. (12/01) No Class