CDA 6530: Performance Models of Computers and Networks

Fall 2011

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1.  Homework 1: probability and random variables  (Due: Sept. 8th midnight on Webcourse)
Programming project 1:  Random variable simulation and analysis (Due: Sept. 29th) PDF  Word
Homework 2: Random process and M/M/*/* queue (Assigned: Oct. 4th, Due: Oct. 12th midnight)  PDF Word
4.  Programming project 2: Matlab Simulink for numerical solutions of differential equations (Due: Oct. 23th) PDF Word
5.  Programming project 3:  Discrete-time simulation---Internet worm propagation simulation (Due: Nov. 7th) PDF Word (Hints and Q&A)
6.    Programming project 4:  Discrete-event simulation---machine/repairman closed queuing network (Due: Nov.  18th) PDF Word
7.  Programming project 5:  NS2 simulation (Due: Dec. 3rd) PDF Word