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Sazadur Rahman

October 10, 2023
  Sazadur Rahman Assistant Professor Ph.D., Electrical Engineering University of Florida, 2022 Email Phone Office HEC-339 Phone 407-823-1425 E-mail Web site Research Interests Hardware security Supply chain security Electronic design automation CAD for security Machine learning Secure architecture On-going Research Insider Threat resistant microelectronic supply chain Reinforcement learning guided EDA tool development Security…

Di Wu

October 10, 2023
  Di Wu Assistant Professor Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2023 Email Phone Office HEC-333 Phone (407) 823-1341 E-mail Home Page Research Interests Computer architecture Domain specific acceleration Emerging computing Heterogeneous system On-going research projects: Deep learning acceleration Homomorphic encryption and zero-knowledge proof acceleration Neuromorphic brain computer interface Quantum…

Xin Xin

October 10, 2023
  Xin Xin Assistant Professor Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Pittsburgh, 2023 Email Phone Office HEC Rm. 317A Phone 407-823-1753 E-mail Web site Xin Xin’s home page Research Interests Computer architecture Memory hierarchy Reliable hardware/software systems Domain-specific architecture On-going Research Low-cost and energy-efficient processing-in-memory designs for in-memory database (IMDB) applications A compatible…

Kevin Moran

June 29, 2023
  Kevin Moran Assistant Professor Ph.D., Computer Science William & Mary, 2018 Email Phone Office HEC-217A Phone (407) 823-5239 E-mail Personal Page Lab Page Sage Research Lab Research Interests Software engineering Software security Machine learning Software evolution and maintenance Professional Activities Member of IEEE, ACM and SIGSOFT Honors & Awards Cisco Advanced Security…

Ser-Nam Lim

April 29, 2023
  Ser-Nam Lim Associate Professor Ph.D., Computer Vision University of Maryland, 2006 Email Office HEC-244 E-mail Research Interests Computer Vision and Language NeuroSymbolic Professional Activities Area Chairs for CVPR/ICCV/ECCV/NEURIPS