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CS PhD Dissertation Defense

The following can be found in the UCF Graduate Catalog (2019-2020), Dissertation, and is worthy of repeating here.
“The dissertation consists of an original and substantial research study designed, conducted, and reported by the student with the guidance of the Dissertation Committee. The written dissertation must include a common theme with an introduction and literature review, details of the study, and results and conclusions prepared in accordance with program and university requirements. The dissertation is expected to represent a significant contribution to the discipline. Since this work is original, it is very important that care is taken in properly citing ideas and quotations of others. Failure to do so is academic dishonesty and subject to termination from the program without receiving the degree. An oral defense of the dissertation is required.”

Students are responsible for being completely aware of the rules and regulations in the “UCF Thesis and Dissertation Manual” which can be obtained from the link given above. Once the dissertation is in its final stages, it must be submitted electronically to the UCF “” system for format approval. Then, again, two weeks prior to the defense, for a check of originality (i.e., don’t plagiarize – it will get you).
As with the proposal, the defense is announced and open to the public. Furthermore, the defense cannot be scheduled in the same term as the proposal. Please see UCF Thesis and Dissertation.