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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the ideal GRE and TOEFL scores for admission to the Department of Computer Science?
A: Ideal GRE scores would be Quant 160 or more and Verbal 150 or more; however these are not firm and we also review your application. The minimum University TOEFL requirement is 80.

Q: Can I apply to both the MS and PhD programs in the Department of Computer Science?
A: You must choose to apply online to one of our programs based on your career objectives and interests.

Q: Should I send my supporting documents directly to Computer Science Department?
A: No. Our department cannot review your documents directly. You need to upload online or send all your supporting documents to Admission Office of College of Graduate Studies for evaluation. They can be contacted via email at

Q: Will my application be reviewed if I submit unofficial marksheets/transcripts?
A: No. You need to send all your University attested/official transcripts and marksheets to our College of Graduate Studies to be considered for admission to the graduate programs.

Q: Can I still apply and be considered for a term when the deadline has already passed?
A: Only completed/submitted applications prior to the deadline will be considered for admission to our Graduate program.

Q: Can I send my official/attested documents even though the deadline has passed?
A: Yes. Our department continues to review incoming applications for a period of time after the deadline has passed but you are advised to send all your documents before the deadline for an early decision on your application.

Q: I am admitted to the PhD program. Does that mean I will be offered financial support?
A: The admission to the PhD program is separated from financial support. You can interact with professors in your area of interest and find out GRA or GTA opportunities with them. For very competitive University-wide Fellowships, your professor needs to nominate you which then is reviewed by a committee.