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Transfer of Credit

Students, with the approval of their advisor and the graduate coordinator, can transfer up to 9 credit hours, of B grade (3.0) or better, of graduate coursework (no Independent Study/Thesis credit) from another program at UCF or from an regionally accredited institution. This must appear on an initial POS submitted within the first 9 credit hours in the CS graduate program.The mechanics of transferring coursework must begin early in the first semester in order that the process is completed by the 9th credit hour. See the Graduate Secretary for details.

If a student has an earned MS degree in CS, or a related area, they may, with the approval of the advisor and graduate coordinator, transfer up to 30 credit hours of actual coursework hours into the POS (no Independent Study or Thesis credit). This can occur after the initial POS, but must be approved prior to entering candidacy status.

In no case can courses with a grade below a B (3.0) be transferred, nor can undergraduate credit.