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To register for the CSPT, visit the UCF Student Home Page at There students will find a link to register for Placement Exams, including the CSPT, via WebCourses. Once registered for the CSPT, it will appear in the student’s dashboard in This course contains the exam as the only assignment. The home page of the CSPT course includes a description of the exam and the score required to move directly into COP 3223. Please make sure to read the instructions carefully before entering the exam.

  • Students unsure of whether their major requires COP 3223 can view a list of required courses in the Major’s catalog description.
  • Students with questions concerning the Computer Science Placement Test, please contact the Computer Science Department via
  • Students requiring SAS accommodations should contact Student Accessibility Services before completing the Placement Exam.
  • Students having technical difficulty with Webcourses should contact