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About the CSPT

Students interested in learning how to program should complete the entry level COP 2500 (Concepts in Computer Science). This is the introductory course for learning the basics of computer programming and a valuable class to enhance any career path a student may choose, even outside computing. Students can register for COP 2500 directly and do not need to complete the Computer Science Placement Test (CSPT).

Students who believe they possess a general understanding of programming, regardless of the language they know, and wish to go directly into COP 3223 (Introduction to Programming with C), can successfully complete the CSPT to skip COP 2500. The purpose of this exam is to ensure that students entering COP 3223 have a minimum level of background knowledge about computer programming needed to help them pass COP 3223. Those without background knowledge of programming are still encouraged to take COP 3223 and further courses in Computer Science or Information Technology after completing COP 2500, which provides foundational knowledge about Computing and computer programming.

Students entering UCF with an AP Computer Science A score of 3 or higher or COP 3223 credit do not need to take the CSPT. Recognized programming courses from other state of Florida institutions will be automatically reviewed for equivalency or requisite knowledge and if approved, will substitute for the prerequisite for COP 3223. Students can always take the CSPT if their completed course is not equivalent or if transcripts are delayed in reaching UCF.

Students interested in majors that require COP 3223 or subsequent Computer Science courses are recommended to take the CSPT at their earliest convenience, but no later than the semester before enrollment at UCF. Students who have their CSPT results available at Orientation will be able to receive assistance from their academic advisor to select the most appropriate beginning course. Students who have not taken the CSPT by their scheduled Orientation date should expect a delay in registering for a computing course at UCF.