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TROSK wins $7,500 in JOUST New Venture Competition

April 7, 2022

TROSK, a start-up company created by Daniel Trimble and Ryan Carnovsky along with Michael Troisi (’21), won $7,500 in UCF’s JOUST New Venture Competition. TROSK has developed a comprehensive cybersecurity training and evaluation platform that is robust enough to provide a range of education on cybersecurity and related topics, simultaneously remaining engaging for both secondary and post-secondary students, and rigorous enough to be validated by external agencies. All three students were members of Hack@UCF and the UCF Collegiate Cybersecurity Competition (C3) Team. In the photo (L-to-R): Daniel Trimble (SR-CS), Michael Troisi (BSIT ’21), Ryan Carnovsky (SR-IT, and Dr. Tom Nedorost

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