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Dr. James K. Baker received his PhD in Computer Science and Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University in 1975. His dissertation was “Stochastic Modeling as a Means of Automatic Speech Recognition.” Dr. Baker and his wife Janet M. Baker were creators of Dragon Naturally Speaking, a commercial speech recognition software application, and co-founded Dragon Systems.

Dr. Baker is a Distinguished Career Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. From June 2007 to 2009 Baker served as Director of Research at the Center of Excellence in Human Language at the Johns Hopkins University.

Research Interests

Dr. Baker’s current research interests are in human-assisted training for AI (HAT-AI).  Human assisted training proposes that AI training be managed by a human-assisted AI system, which breaks the number one unwritten rule for AI training:   “HandsOff   during Training.” Dr. Baker is willing to mentor a few individual students or student teams doing projects in HAT-AI. He is also willing to help faculty members or researchers from commercial companies who are mentoring students. Please contact Dr. Baker if you have interests along these lines.He may be contacted through the website