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Yogesh Singh Rawat

October 3, 2019
  Yogesh Singh Rawat Assistant Professor Ph.D., National University of Singapore, 2017 Email Phone Office HEC-241 Phone (407) 823-6495 E-mail Research Interests Deep Learning for Computer Vision Video Understanding Human Activity Detection Multimedia Computing Media Aesthetics Other Experience Postdoctoral Associate, University of Central Florida, 2017-2019 Senior Member Technical Staff, Mentor Graphics, India,  2009-2012 Professional…

Abhijit Mahalanobis

September 3, 2019
  Abhijit Mahalanobis Associate Professor Ph.D., Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University, 1987 Email Phone Office HEC-244 Phone (407) 823-4999 E-mail Research Interests Computer Vision

Niels da Vitoria Lobo

September 3, 2019
  Niels da Vitoria Lobo Associate Professor Ph.D., Computer Science University of Toronto, 1993 Email Phone Office HEC-252 Phone (407) 823-2873 E-mail Home Page Research Page ARGIS Research Research Interests Computational Vision Object Detection in Cluttered Backgrounds Integral Image Based Curve Detection Hand and Person Detection and Tracking Active Vision and Mobile Robotics…

Mubarak Shah

September 3, 2019
  Mubarak Shah Professor Ph.D., Computer Science Wayne State University, 1986 Email Phone Office HEC-245D Phone (407) 823-5077 E-mail Home Page Research Page ARGIS Research Research Interests Video Surveillance and Monitoring Visual Tracking Scene and Object Recognition Human Activity Recognition UAV Video Analysis Video Registration Video Categorization and Segmentation 3D reconstruction Content-based Video…

Hassan Foroosh

September 3, 2019
  Hassan Foroosh CAE Link Professor Ph.D., Computer Science INRIA-University of Nice, France, 1996 Email Phone Office HEC-212 Phone (407) 823-5299 E-mail Home Page Research Page ARGIS Research Research Interests Image/Video Understanding Deep Learning: Sparse Architectures, “Big Data” Analytics Confluence of vision and natural language processing Transfer learning, Deep Adversarial methods Facial features/expression,…