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Cyber team wins $2000 at CSI CyberSEED

March 27, 2021

UCF’s KNIGHTSEC team won a $2,000 cash prize and placed 3rd overall in the 2021 CyberSEED CTF Competition on Saturday, March 27th. During the 7-hour long competition, 57 teams from across the United States worked diligently to solve 144 challenge questions covering 10 categories including Open Source Intelligence, Cryptography, Forensics, Log Analysis, Network Traffic Analysis, Password Cracking, Scanning & Reconnaissance, Reverse Engineering, and Web Application Exploitation. The University of Maryland and Montgomery Blair H.S. finished ahead of UCF. Other schools rounding out the top 10 included Drexel, Cal Poly Pomona, Georgia Tech, RIT, UC-Riverside, Colorado State, and University of New Hampshire. Students competing on UCF’s team were Team Captain Peyton Duncan (CS-SR), Jeffrey DiVincent (CS-SO), Cameron Whitehead (MSDF) and Caitlin Whitehead (MSDF). CyberSEED CTF is sponsored by Synchrony and hosted by the University of Connecticut. More information about CyberSEED can be found at

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