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Congratulations to the following UCF students

October 25, 2019

Congratulations to the following UCF students who won first place in the Duel Factor Capture the Flag competition at Florida Cyber Con:

Peyton Duncan, JR, CS
Christian Santiago, JR, CS
Sara Frackiewicz, SR, CS
Klayton Killough, SR, CS
Michael Ibeh, SR, CS
Raul Carmona, SR, IT
Karl Sturge, SR, IT
Charlton Trezevant, JR, IT
Collin Johnson, JR, IT
Sarah Swad, FR, IT

UCF had a good spread of points and every team member solved at least a few challenges. The team was also complimented by the coach from Florida Institute of Technology for being “friendly competitors that welcomed the competition and afterwards shared methodologies.”

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