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A minor is a complement to a bachelor’s degree program/major requiring at least 18 credit hours in a field. This allows students to specialize in a particular area of study or to study something that is a secondary interest.

Minors you can declare by filling out the Registrar’s Office “Minor/Certificate Declaration Form”, while the others you have to apply to in order to participate.

Computer Science, Information Technology & Scan Minors

Computers are now used in every aspect of our lives and, as such, many students majoring in other disciplines have the desire to achieve a basic foundation in the computing and information sciences. These minors appeal to students who wish to strengthen their computing background and enhance their career choices and opportunities. The CS and IT Minors are designed primarily as a service to majors in degree programs other than CS and IT. The Secure Computing and Networks (SCAN) minor is open to all students and focuses on computer communication network design and security issues.

Computer Science Requirements
Information Technology Requirements
Secure Computing and Networks (SCAN)
Computing Opportunities for Degree Enhancement (CODE)

You can also contact: Mark Llewellyn
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