At Iowa State, the development of JML was partially funded by a grant from Rockwell International Corporation and by the (US) National Science Foundation under grants CCR-9503168, CCR-9803843, CCR-0097907, CCR-0113181, CCF-0428078, and CCF-0429567.

Support from the US National Science Foundation continued under a Computing Research Infrastructure (CRI) grant jointly to several institutions: CNS 08-08913 (U. of Central Florida), CNS 07-07874 (UTEP), CNS 07-07701 (Rose Hulman), CNS 07-07885 (U. Cal. Santa Cruz), CNS 07-08330 (Stevens), and CNS 07-09169 (Kansas State).

Following that we were grateful to receive further funding from the US National Science Foundation under grants CCF0916350, CCF0916715, CCF1017262, and CNS1228695.

We thank aicas GmbH for their sponsorship of JML through the donation of hardware for one of our open source developers. Thanks!

Thanks to all of the contributors to the software for JML and related tools, both those at Iowa State and elsewhere. You make the project what it is.

The Common (formerly ISU) JML tools were based on the MultiJava compiler.

The JML checker uses the ANTLR parser-generator from the Magelang Institute.

Thanks to Marko van Dooren, Curtis Clifton, and Michael Möller for help with formatting of this web site.

Thanks to Michael Möller (and others on the JML interest list, notably Stephen Edwards) for development of JML logos.

Development of the OpenJML tool suite is hosted on

See the acknowledgements in the preliminary design document for full acknowledgements.

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