Questions and Feedback

We are also interested in your feedback on JML: things you like, don't like, find confusing, etc. Since OpenJML is open source, we'd appreciate it if you'd send us any bug fixes or enhancements you are willing to share with others. See the github issue tracker for the OpenJML project for places to file bug reports, support requests, patches, and feature requests for JML and the OpenJML tool suite.

General Comments and Discussions

General comments and discussions about JML can be directed to the JML Reference Manual issues tracker on


As of December 11, 2002, the old jml-interest mailing list was discontinued in favor of the mailing list.

However, with the move to the sourceforge-based jmlspecs-interest list is largely dormant. New discussions of JML and its semantics are found in the issues tracker of the JavaModelingLanguage RefMan repository on github.

Last modified Friday, December 10, 2021.