Questions and Feedback

We are also interested in your feedback on JML: things you like, don't like, find confusing, etc. Since JML is open source, we'd appreciate it if you'd send us any bug fixes or enhancements you are willing to share with others. See the SourceForge tracking interface for the jmlspecs project for places to file bug reports, support requests, patches, and feature requests for JML and its tools.

General Comments and Discussions

General comments and discussions about JML can be directed to the various mailing lists for JML. For example, comments and discussions of general interest, particularly regarding the langauge design, should go to the jmlspecs-interest mailing list.

However, you must subscribe to a mailing list before you can send to it. For example, to subscribe to the jmlspecs-interest mailing list, go to the SourceForge web interface for the jmlspecs-interest mailing list. After you are subscribed, you can post messages by sending mail to

Problems with E-mail to Discussion Lists

As mentioned above, the list only allows subscribers to post messages. If you think you are subscribed to list, but your message does not get through, then the problem is probably that you are sending your message with a return address other than that from which you subscribed. Try sending your e-mail from the original computer from which you subscribed, or subscribe again from the computer you are currently using.


As of December 11, 2002, the old jml-interest mailing list was discontinued in favor of the mailing list. The following are the archives of the old mailing list:

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