Staff at the University of Central Florida and Iowa State University

At the University of Central Florida (formerly at Iowa State), Gary T. Leavens is guiding the work on JML. Several of Leavens's students are still at Iowa State. These students are: Kristina P. Boysen, Faraz Hussain, Neeraj Khanolkar, and Steve Shaner.

Furthermore, at Iowa State. professors Hridesh Rajan and Samik Basu are also doing work and supervision of students on JML-related projects.

The initial design of JML was done at Iowa State in cooperation with (former professor) Albert L. Baker and (former graduate student) Clyde Ruby.

Several former students worked with Leavens on JML and graduated. Clyde Ruby's Ph.D. work focused on semantic issues relating to inheritance. Clyde is now a professor at Maharishi University of Management in Farfield, Iowa. Cui Ye worked on runtime checking of frame axioms with multiple specification cases. Abhay Bhorkar worked on run-time assertion checking (and went to Cisco). Tongjie Chen worked on support for generics (and went to Yahoo!). Yoonsik Cheon finished his Ph.D. on run-time assertion checking for JML; he is now a professor at University of Texas El Paso. Curtis Clifton helped with tool support and the integration of multiple disptach and open classes with JML and is now a professor at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Anand Ganapathy worked on the type checker. Arun Raghavan worked on ways to present JML specifications on the Web (and went to Microsoft).

Several undergraduates have also particpated in JML's development at ISU. Kristina Boysen wrote specifications of some parts of java.util, and has worked on graphical user interfaces for the JML tools. The GUI work built on some earlier work of David Behroozi. Katie Becker, Tabitha Johnson, Elisabeth Seagren, and Brandon Shilling all worked on specifications of parts of the JDK. Also Katie Becker, Ajani Thomas, and Arthur Thomas worked on specifications and implementations of some of the JML samples.

Last modified Friday, December 10, 2021.