Zach Shea Joins

Zach Shea Joins the iUX Academy!

June 16, 2017 – The iUX Academy welcomes Zachary Shea to the team. Zach will both be working with the lab’s newest client (Medi-IoT). Zach will be the principal UI/UX designer on the team. We are excited to have both Zach join the iUX Academy!

Zachary Shea is an undergraduate student studying Computer Science at UCF.  He has a passion for making digital products that change peoples’ lives, especially mobile apps. This includes the UX/UI design process, as well as the implementation in code. Initially, he will be serving as the UX/UI designer for the Medi-IoT project where he will be involved in the full design process, from user analysis and wireframes, to high-fidelity design prototypes.

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