The iUX Academy serves as a bridge between the classroom, co-curricular UCF programs, and the industry. Students in the Academy work with the guidance of experienced iUX Academy faculty and fellow students. It is our goal to create a place sustained, built, and directed by the students. Students have the opportunity to improve a variety of skills, forge relationships within UCF as well as the UX community, find career opportunities, and create a portfolio to showcase their performance to employers.

The iUX Academy was created to serve three primary goals:


  1. To improve the quality of education for undergraduate students in Information Technology, and other related disciplines.

  2. To create an interdisciplinary hub for collaborations between faculty and students from the College of Engineering and Computer Science and other User-Experience related disciplines.

  3. To establish UCF within the local UX community to create research collaborations with local businesses, and find career placement opportunities for UCF students.

Students in the iUX Academy will be able to refine necessary skills including:

Develop the skills needed to understand the end users’ needs. Work directly with industry and faculty partners on projects.

Learn the time management and leadership skills necessary to become an effective project manager.

Gain crucial understanding of software and hardware components of a product or service, with hands on experience.

Human-Computer Interaction
Learn UX methodologies and apply them toward the process of User-Centered design and evaluation.

Collaboration and Teamwork
Work alongside students and staff from a variety of fields, gaining new skills, and earning hands on experience in a collaborative environment.

Learn the skills needed to develop intuitive user-interface designs.

Other Benefits

Develop professional and interpersonal communication skills 

Build a variety of HCI and UX related skills

Forge relationships with UCF staff and within the UX community

Build a high quality portfolio and a strong resume

Find career opportunities 

What Our Students Have to Say:

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Larry Moralez
Larry Moralez

“I benefited by getting hands-on experience as a project manager and user experience
researcher. I would not have gained this experience without the lab.”

Nandha Vinayagam - copy
Nandha Vinayagam

“My work at iUX Academy has taught me many new things and helped me strengthen my foundation.”

Christy LaPerriere
Christy LaPerriere

"The hands on experience I have gained through working with the iUX Academy has been a pivotal part of my professional development."

Leeba Thomas
Leeba Thomas

“The ability to work with a team and communicate
your views and ideas allowed me the chance to succeed under pressure and grow in confidence.

Mike Setzer
Mike Setzer

“Working for the lab brought me into the field of Web Development and led to my current career

Nick Fraulini
Nick Fraulini

“Working at the Academy helped me gain
experience with the full usability process, including identifying potential users, developing
heuristic evaluations, and interfacing with the customer.”

Peter DeVita
Peter DeVita

“I gained experience working on a large codebase. I have never maintained a project of this size
and so it was a new and interesting experience working on one.”

Zach Shea
Zach Shea

"From working in the Academy I have learned about good communication and team management through the opportunity to work on a larger team."

Rafael Forero
Rafael Forero

“Not many other internships would have
allowed me to be so versatile and take part in such a wide array of responsibilities. Using the experience I gained from this internship alone allowed me to land a full time position Deloitte.”

Arpitha Rajanna
Arpitha Rajanna

“I have gained a lot of experience through the Medi-IoT project and this has helped me to get a job in the same field.”

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