Specification and Verification of
Component-Based Systems
Workshop at
September 3-4, 2007

SAVCBS 2007 Workshop Program

Cover Page, Table of Contents, and Introduction


Effective Verification of Systems with a Dynamic Number of Components [PostScript]
Pavlína Vareková, Masaryk University
Pavel Moravec, Masaryk University
Ivana Cerná, Masaryk University
Barbora Zimmerova, Masaryk University

Plan-Directed Architectural Change For Autonomous Systems [A4 size PDF] [Postscript]
Daniel Sykes, Imperial College
William Heaven, Imperial College
Jeff Magee, Imperial College
Jeff Kramer, Imperial College

Reachability Analysis for Annotated Code [A4 size PDF]
Mikolás Janota, UCD Dublin
Radu Grigore, UCD Dublin
Michał Moskal;, University of Wroclaw

Faithful mapping of model classes to mathematical structures
Ádám Darvas, ETH Zürich
Peter Müller, Microsoft Research

Proof-Transforming Compilation of Programs with Abrupt Termination [A4 size PDF]
Peter Müller, Microsoft Research
Martin Nordio, ETH Zürich

An Integrated Verification Environment for JML: Architecture and Early Results
Patrice Chalin, Concordia University
Perry R. James, Concordia University
George Karabotsos, Concordia University

Playing with Time in Publish-Subscribe using a Domain-Specific Model Checker
Luciano Baresi, Politecnico di Milano
Giorgio Gerosa, Politecnico di Milano
Carlo Ghezzi, Politecnico di Milano
Luca Mottola, Politecnico di Milano

On timed components and their abstraction [A4 size PDF] [Postscript]
Ramzi Ben Salah, CNRS-VERIMAG
Marius Bozga, CNRS-VERIMAG

Challenge Problem Solutions

Challenge Problem: Subject-Observer Specification with Component-Interaction Automata [A4 size PDF] [Postscript]
Pavlína Vareková, Masaryk University
Barbora Zimmerova, Masaryk University

Short Papers

Games-Based Safety Checking with Mage (extended abstract) [A4 size PDF]
Adam Bakewell, University of Birmingham
Dan Ghica, University of Birmingham

Specification and Verification of Trustworthy Component-Based Real-Time Reactive Systems [A4 size PDF]
Vasu Alagar, Concordia University
Mubarak Mohammad, Concordia University

Components, Objects, and Contracts [Postscript] [A4 size PDF] [Postscript A4]
Olaf Owe, University of Oslo
Gerardo Schneider, University of Oslo
Martin Steffen, University of Oslo

Compositional Failure-based Semantic Equivalences for Reo Specifications [Postscript] [A4 size PDF] [Postscript A4]
Mohammad Izadi, Sharif University of Technology
Ali Movaghar, Sharif University of Technology

A Concept for Dynamic Wiring of Components: Correctness in Dynamic Adaptive Systems [A4 size PDF]
Dirk Niebuhr, Clausthal University of Technology
Andreas Rausch, Clausthal University of Technology

Jonathan Aldrich, Mike Barnett, Dimitra Giannakopoulou, Gary T. Leavens, and Natasha Sharygina

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