Exam Schedule

See the syllabus for the exam schedule.

General Guidance for Exam Questions

The course's assessment plan has a generic set of questions that are useful for studying for exams. Also, the code examples web page provides examples for the material that may be helpful in studying; to use these examples as problems, look at the testing files first, then write code and compare with our solution.

Exam Study Guides

As each exam approaches, a study guide link will appear below.

  1. Study guide for exam 1. Also available are problems from a (past) review session, with solutions, in the directory exam-study-guides/exam1-review-session-problems.
  2. Study guide for exam 2. Also available are test cases for the problems in the Spring 2013 and Fall 2013 exams (see the old-exams directory for the exams themselves).
  3. Study guide for exam 3. Also available are test cases for the old exam3s given in: Fall'13, Spring'13, and Spring'15.

Standard Exam Instructions

The following instructions will appear in the instructions for each of the exams.

This test is open book and notes.

If you need more space, use the back of a page. Note when you do that on the front.

Before you begin, please take a moment to look over the entire test so that you can budget your time.

Clarity is important; if your programs are sloppy and hard to read, you may lose some points. Correct syntax also makes a difference for programming questions. You will lose points if you do not follow the grammar when writing programs!

When you write code on this test, you may use anything in the [appropriate] programming model. The problem will say which model is appropriate.

You are encouraged to define functions or procedures not specifically asked for if they are useful to your programming; however, if they are not built-in to the language or its base environment, then you must write them into your test.

During the test, if you need more space for an answer, use the back of a page. Note when you do that on the front.

Old Exams

The old-exams directory contains directories of old exams given in this and previous semesters.

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