Rafael Forero and Leeba Thomas join

Rafael Forero and Leeba Thomas join the iUX Academy and the Medi-IoT Team!

August 14, 2017 – The iUX Academy welcomes Rafael Forero and Leeba Thomas to the team. Rafael will be joining the lab and Medi-IoT team to assist with front-end development and Leeba will be helping with back-end development.

Rafael is an undergraduate student at UCF where he is pursuing his Computer Science degree. He makes useful, beautiful, web-based applications using modern implementations of software development and user experience design. His initial role in the iUX Academy will be as a front-end developer for the Medi-IoT project.

Leeba is a graduate student in Electrical Engineering at the University of Central Florida. She is quite interested in the cloud technology which sets up a platform for all the databases and devices to function efficiently. She will be serving as a Database Engineer for the Medi-IoT project where she will be designing and developing the back-end database of the system. Her long term goals are to do something productive and innovative in the field of science as an industry, so she can have an idea of advancement in the field of technology.


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