February 21, 2017



The iUX Academy has worked with a range of companies to provide quality UX and software development services at a reasonable price. We have also worked on several Pro Bono projects. Below you will find testimonials from iUX Academy clients.

What Our Clients Have to Say:

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Bogen Communications
Bogen Communications

"The students were able to identify significant ways in which we were able to tangibly improve the web-based user interface of our product."

Joshua Walker of NerdBrander

"The iUX Academy helped me turn a loose concept into a full fledged user experience through a multi-layered well thought out UX strategy. They did an excellent job of not only crafting the end user experience but also my long term experience for site maintenance as an owner. "

BOS Tech
John Lepak of BOS Tech

"Utilizing the wide range of skill sets of the iUXA students and Pam's extensive knowledge of interface design, our product has routinely exceeded our clients expectations.

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Work Showcase

Below are a few examples of the projects the iUX Academy has been involved in:


Design & development of an improved user interface for a satellite notification system
Improving the ease of use of a Web Interface used by teachers and school administrators for calling and paging
Design and development of an innovative solution for sensor-based hospital monitoring and reporting

Pro Bono

Increasing growth in Florida's role as a leader in Human-Computer Interaction
Implementation of UX principles for a local environmental non-profit
Improving efforts in the fight againt cyberbullying through collaboration and focused research initiatives.
Giving back to the Orlando community through re-branding.