Federal Work Study Positions

The iUX Academy is looking for an individual who is passionate about the fields of User Experience and Human-Computer Interaction to join their team! This individual will have opportunity to gain real world experience as the Academy partners students up with companies in the Orlando area. This partnership allows students to gain hands-on involvement within the growing field of UX.

If interested, you will be assisting in the day-to-day operations of the Academy and its promotion. You will be responsible for the iUX Academy website, the creation and management of promotional information, and the development of training and marketing material.

A graduate student position as well as an undergraduate position is available.

To apply one must ensure that they are eligible for the Federal Work Study program at UCF. Eligibility information can be found at the following website:


Graduate Student Application: https://app.joinhandshake.com/jobs/2115428

Undergraduate Student Application: https://app.joinhandshake.com/jobs/2115439