EEL 5937: Mobile Ad hoc Networks (Spring 2003)


January 7, 2003:
    Syllabus, Lecture1: Overview, How to read, write and present papers (by Prof. Nitin Vaidya)

January 14, 2003:
    Lecture 2: Clustering on Ad hoc Networks

    M. Chatterjee, S.K. Das and D. Turgut,  WCA: A Weighted Clustering Algorithm for Mobile Ad hoc Networks,
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    (Review Due: 01/21/03)

Further Reading:
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January 21 2003 and January 28, 2003:
    Lecture 3-4: Routing on Ad hoc Networks

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Further Reading:
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February 4, 2003:
    Lecture 5: Routing on Sensor Networks

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February 11, 2003:
    Lecture 6: Data Dissemination and Fusion on Sensor Networks

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February 18, 2003:
    Lecture 7: Topology Management in Ad hoc and Sensor Networks

    B. Chen, K. Jamieson, R. Morris, and H. Balakrishnan, Span: An Energy-Efficient Coordination Algorithm for
    Topology Maintenance in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks, To appear in ACM Wireless Networks Journal, Volume 8,
    Number 5, September, 2002. (Review Due: 02/17/03)

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     S. Basagni, D. Turgut and S.K. Das, Mobility-Adaptive Protocols for Managing Large Ad hoc Networks,
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February 25, 2003:
    Lecture 8: MAC Protocols and Security in Ad hoc and Sensor Networks

    W. Ye, J. Heidemann and D. Estrin, An Energy-Efficient MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks,
    In Proceedings of the 21st International Annual Joint Conference of the IEEE Computer and Communications
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   In Proceedings of ACM MOBICOM Wireless Security Workshop (WiSe), 2002.

    For further reading, please refer to WiSE 2002.

March 4, 2003:
    Midterm Exam (474 ENGR I Bldg, 10am-1pm)

March 11, 2003:
    Initial Project Presentations for all the groups

March 18, 2003:

March 25, 2003:
    Lecture 9: Bluetooth