Course Syllabus

The table below gives the planned syllabus for the course. The syllabus lists the topics in order, and gives access to each lecture's meeting outlines, and homeworks and readings.

This syllabus is subject to change. If it is necessary to revise the schedule, then this page will be updated to reflect the changes.

Material describing the course and its objectives and grading policies is available elsewhere.

The readings are from Principles of Programming Analysis (second corrected printing) by Flemming Nielson, Hanne Riis Nielson, and Chris Hankin (Springer-Verlag, 2005).

Dates Topics Homework Due the following Friday Readings Optional Readings
Jan. 9 Introduction, Grading Policy, Overview of Analysis Techniques (Syntax and Semantics of WHILE, Parsing and ASTs for WHILE) Handouts, HW0 Forward, Preface; Ch 1, 1.1-1.2 [XText18], [Hedin-etal09] (Concept Overview)
Jan. 16 Overview of Analysis Techniques (Dataflow Analysis, Abstract Interpretation, Type and Effect Systems)   Ch 1.3, 1.5-1.6 Ch 1.4
Jan. 23 ASTs and CFGs in XText (Attributes, Rewrites) Homework 1 (due Jan. 22 and 24) Ch 1.6, Ch 2.1, [XText18], [Hedin-etal09] (Abstract Syntax, Attributes)
Jan. 30 Intraprocedural Data Flow Analysis (Blocks and Labels, Notation, Available Expressions, AE Analysis, Very Busy Expressions, Live Variables, ud and du chains, monotone frameworks)   Ch 2.1, 2.3  
Feb. 6 Theory of AE and LV in XText, Theory of Data Flow Analysis (Monotone frameworks, Equation Solving), Midterm Exam Review HW 2, problems 1-3 Ch 2.1.2-4 [XText18]
Feb. 13 Calculational Proofs, Semantics Overview, Structural Operational Semantics, Correctness of LV analysis HW 2, problem 4 [Gries91], [Dijisktra-Scholten90], Ch. 2 (esp. 2.2) [Back-vonWright98]
Feb. 20 Midterm Exam   Ch 1, 2.1  
Feb. 27 Correctness of LV analysis, Type Checking HW 3, problem 1 Chapter 2 (esp. 2.2 and 2.3)  
Mar. 6 Type Checking in XText HW 3, problems 2-5   [XText18]
Mar. 13 Spring Break, no class      
Mar. 20 Interprocedural Dataflow Analysis   Ch 2.5  
Mar. 27 Very Busy Expressions Analysis in XText HW 3, problems 6-7 Ch 2.1.3  
Apr. 3 Shape Analysis   Ch 2.6 [Manevich-etal05]
Apr. 10 Shape Analysis   Ch 2.6 [Manevich-etal05]
Apr. 17 Project presentations HW 4    

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Previous syllabi from earlier offerings of the class are also available. See the courses's about page.

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