Summer Institue @ UCF

Below are the notes, examples and resources for the Mobile Game Development track.

Introduction to libGDX

In this lesson, we will go over what is libGDX, how do we set it up, and how we can use it to develop our own projects.


libGDX Setup File (0.9.8)
libGDX Resource Files (0.9.8)
Cool Guy Image (Righ Click and Save As)
Adventures of Cool Guy Game Template File (
Drawing A Sprite ( - Solution)
Cool Guy Object (

Open Game Art (Free Art Assets)

When You Are Done, It should looks like this:

Homework 1

Create a libGDX project and insert 10 or more sprites into it. Also include atleast two different game objects. You can use the file from above as a template. It is oke if there are extra metheds you don't use.

Save all your work on a flash drive and I will collect them in the morning. You will get them back at the end of class

Notes - Part 1 - Setup libGDX with Eclipse

Notes - Part 2 - Drawing a Sprite

Notes - Part 3 - Creating Objects

Drawing and Moving Sprites

In this lesson, we will go over how to draw manage and move multiple sprites on the screen. We will also be using an object to load and keep track of the data on each sprite. We will also have our character jump and move around the screen.

Notes - Part 4 - Moving Left and Right

Notes - Part 5 - Jumping and Intro to Collision

Notes - Part 5 - Fix for the video

Using ArrayLists and Objects


Notes - Part 6


I would like you to creat a scene of objects that allows your character to interact with them.


Now that we have a character and a world, we want the two to interact with each other. By the end of the day our character will be able to jump around on the blocks and be able to climb around.

Notes - Part 7 - Collision

Scrolling the Screen

It is now time for your character to go see the world! Our goal is to keep the character in the center of the screen. We are only doing left and right movement of the character, so we will not be following him when he jumps.


Example 1
Homework Assignment

Pass Through Collision

In video games we generally need to collect something. Most of these objects we just need the character to touch, and does not effect the character's movement in anyway. We are going to model our game off of the Super Mario Bros. coin. When the character touches the coin we will add it to our score.


Homework Assignment

Restarting the Game

When we win or lose our game we will want a way to restart it without having to restart the program. This is the last step on making this game publically playable!


Example 1
Example 2
Homework Assignment