Specification and Verification of
Component-Based Systems
Workshop at
November 9-10, 2008

The seventh workshop on specification and verification of component-based systems was affiliated with SIGSOFT 2008/FSE 16 will be held in Atlanta Georgia at the at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center in Atlanta, Georgia on November 9-10, 2008. The meeting is in the room Conference A (on the second floor).

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Themes and Goals:

This workshop is concerned with how formal (i.e., mathematical) techniques can be or should be used to establish a suitable foundation for the specification and verification of component-based systems. Component-based systems are a growing concern for the software engineering community. Specification and reasoning techniques are urgently needed to permit composition of systems from components. Component-based specification and verification is also vital for scaling advanced verification techniques such as extended static analysis and model checking to the size of real systems. The workshop will consider formalization of both functional and non-functional behavior, such as performance or reliability.

We would like to bring together researchers and practitioners in the areas of component-based software and formal methods to address the open problems in modular specification and verification of systems composed from components. We are interested in bridging the gap between principles and practice. The intent of bringing participants together at the workshop is to help form a community-oriented understanding of the relevant research problems and help steer formal methods research in a direction that will address the problems of component-based systems. For example, researchers in formal methods have only recently begun to study principles of object-oriented software specification and verification, but do not yet have a good handle on how inheritance can be exploited in specification and verification. Other issues are also important in the practice of component-based systems, such as concurrency, mechanization and scalability, performance (time and space), reusability, and understandability. The participants will brainstorm about these and related topics to understand both the problems involved and how formal techniques may be useful in solving them.

The goals of the workshop are to produce:

  1. Contacts and discussion among researchers and practictioners,
  2. A web site that will be maintained after the workshop to act as a central clearinghouse for research in this area.
The details of the workshop may vary with the background and interest of the participants.



Workshop Program Committee:

We're pleased to have another outstanding program committee this year.

Jonathan Aldrich, Mike Barnett, Dimitra Giannakopoulou, Gary T. Leavens, and Natasha Sharygina

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