Specification and Verification of
Component-Based Systems
Workshop at
November 9-10, 2008

Paper Formatting Details for SAVCBS Papers


Finished papers are to be sent by email to Gary T. Leavens (

Authors retain copyright to their own papers. Papers will be made available from the SAVCBS web site, and as a technical report from the University of Central Florida. Neither is considered a publication.

Formatting Details for Authors

Final versions of papers should be in ACM Conference format.

Final versions of papers should omit page numbers. This is standard in the conference format.

We suggest that you include CR categories, general terms, and keywords in your document, as described in the ACM conference format.

What Files to Send

Please send us a zip or tar file containing your sources, so that we can resolve any minor formatting issues in a timely fashion.

It will be most helpful to us if you name your file using the authors family names, separated by hyphens, such as Jones-Hoare.pdf and

US Letter Size Files

Finally, for the proceedings we need a PDF file in US letter format. You can also send us a PDF in A4 format (named as in Jones-Hoare-A4.pdf), but for uniformity, we want to have the proceedings in US letter size pages. To produce this, using dvips, the general technique for doing this is to use dvips -t letter. Using pdflatex, you can change the paper size by editing the pdftex.cfg file, which is found in $TEXMF/pdftex. Or you can try putting the following after the \begin{document} command (thanks to Mark Senn).


Word users can see this set of instructions from Simon Fraser University.

If you are having trouble with making US letter size pages, just let us know. From your source files, we can usually produce the US letter pages. We can also produce PDF from dvi or postscript files.

Permission Block

The ACM templates have a "permission block" at the bottom left of the first page for a copyright form. You can omit this if convenient, leave it blank, or put in your own copyright notice (since you retain the copyright). (If you want to make a copyright notice that allows others to copy your paper with attribution, etc., you might want to use a copyright notice from Creative Commons.)


If you are using Word, use the official ACM document template to get the style right. This template also has a permission block in the right place, if you want one, but you can delete it if you don't want that..

We suggest that you include CR categories, general terms, and keywords.

LaTeX with acm_proc_article-sp.cls Style File

Since it gives you control over the permission block, and allows you to omit it, we recommend use of the acm_proc_article-sp.cls style with LaTeX. If you do that, then your document would start with:

\usepackage[T1]{fontenc}     % this is optional

You can just leave out the following commands, and you'll have no permission block at all.

Optionally, if you want to add your own copyright notice, you can generate a permission block by using the following (which can appear before the \begin{document} in this style):

Copyright 2008 by Your Name.

Thanks to Andrew McVeigh for help with this style.

LaTeX with sig-alternate.cls Style File

If you are using LaTeX, we recommend the style above. However, if you want to use the sig-alternate.cls style, then your document should start with the following.

\usepackage[T1]{fontenc}     % this is optional

Then just omit the commands for generating the permission block.

LaTeX Meta Data

To include CR categories, general terms, and keywords with one of the two recommended styles, use something like the following (after \begin{document}), edited to suit your paper:

\category{D.2.11}{Software Engineering}{Software Architectures}[Languages]
\category{D.2.13}{Software Engineering}{Reusable Software}[Reuse models]
\category{D.2.10}{Software Engineering}{Design}[Representation]
\terms{Design, languages}
\keywords{Architecture, components, composition, reuse, modelling}

Gary T. Leavens

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