Package java.math

JML Specifications for the corresponding types in the Java Developement Kit (JDK).


Class Summary
BigInteger JML's specification of java.math.BigInteger.

Package java.math Description

JML Specifications for the corresponding types in the Java Developement Kit (JDK). These specifications are intended for use in reasoning about specifications in the JDK, but are not endorsed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. in any way. The syntactic interfaces of the methods are copyright Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Specification Conventions

Specifications in .spec files should be interfaces, and these are compiled with JML's runtime assertion checking compiler (jmlc) to yield surrogate class files that are in the release. Other specifications should normally be found in .jml or .refines-spec files.

The specifications necessarily start with the Java interfaces, but we never include the javadoc comments or code from the JDK, since that would violate copyright restrictions.

The source code for this package uses the GNU Lesser General Public License, since it is part of the JML runtime libraries.


These types were designed by Sun Microsystems. They were specified by David R. Cok and Gary T. Leavens.

At Iowa State, the development of JML was partially funded by a grant from Rockwell International Corporation and by the (US) National Science Foundation under grants CCR-9503168, CCR-9803843, CCR-0097907, and CCR-0113181.


JML is Copyright (C) 1998-2002 by Iowa State University and is distributed under the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This release depends on code from the MultiJava project and is based in part on the Kopi project Copyright (C) 1990-99 DMS Decision Management Systems Ges.m.b.H.