This year your paper will appear only in our informal proceedings. See below for how to format and send your paper.

Formatting Details for the Informal Proceedings

Our informal proceedings will use the ACM Conference format. with the same CR categories, general terms, and keywords in the document.

However, you retain copyright on your paper. Thus, for the informal proceedings, you can leave the permission block blank or you can assert your own copyright.

No Page Numbers

The FOAL organizers will add page numbers to all papers after final submission. Please make sure your submitted paper does not include any page numbers.

Embedding Fonts

Be sure that PDF files produced have all the fonts embedded and should use Type 1 fonts (scalable), not Type 3 (bit-mapped). You can check this in Adobe Acrobat by using the File menu, and looking at the Document Properties.

US Letter Size Files

Finally, for the proceedings we need a PDF file in US letter format. You can also send us a PDF in A4 format (named as in Jones-Hoare-A4.pdf), but for uniformity, we want to have the proceedings in US letter size pages. To produce this, using dvips, the general technique for doing this is to use dvips -t letter. Using pdflatex, you can change the paper size by editing the pdftex.cfg file, which is found in $TEXMF/pdftex. Or you can try putting the following after the \begin{document} command (thanks to Mark Senn).


Word users can see this set of instructions from Simon Fraser University.

If you are having trouble with making US letter size pages, just let us know. From your source files, we can usually produce the US letter pages. We can also produce PDF from dvi or postscript files.

What Files to Send

Please send us (i.e., Gary Leavens) a zip or tar file containing your sources, so that we can resolve any minor formatting issues in a timely fashion.

It will be most helpful to us if you name your file using the authors family names, separated by hyphens, such as Jones-Hoare.pdf and

Final Submission

Final versions of papers for the informal proceedings, meeting all of the above requirements must be submitted by 23:00 GMT, 2 March 2010, by email to Gary Leavens: As noted above, please send both your source document(s) and the PDF output file, as that will allow faster correction of minor problems.

Page last modified Wednesday, February 17, 2010.