This page provides information on some of the resources available for students in CIS 4615. The page is organized as follows:

  1. Course resources
  2. General Security Resources
  3. Secure implementation including:
    1. Requirements for security,
    2. Requirements specification techniques,
    3. Usability tradeoffs,
    4. Architecture
    5. System design for security,
    6. Cryptography, and
    7. Coding securely
  4. Analysis tools and resources including:
    1. Static analysis, and
    2. Dynamic analysis (including testing).
  5. Reverse engineering including:
    1. Reverse engineering tools,
    2. Attacks and exploits, and
    3. Malware.

Course Resources

Related to various Textbooks

Related to the Course Materials

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General Security Resources

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Secure Implementation

Requirements for Security

Requirements Specification Techniques

Usability Tradeoffs


System Design for Security


Coding Securely

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Analysis Tools and Resources

See the course's analysis tools page for information about various tools we will be using in class.

Static Analysis

Dynamic Analysis (including Testing)

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Reverse Engineering

To set up a VM to safely look at malware, see the course's analysis tools page in the Dynamic Analysis Tools section.

Reverse engineering tools

Attacks and exploits


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