Lotzi Bölöni is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Central Florida (with a secondary joint appointment in the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering).

He received a PhD and MSc degree from the Computer Sciences Department of Purdue University and BSc in Computer Engineering from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He held visiting researcher positions at Computer and Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, University of Rome ``La Sapienza'', Imperial College of London and KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. He is a senior member of IEEE, member of the ACM, AAAI and the Upsilon Pi Epsilon honorary society.

Selected recent publications and projects:

  • Robotics: deep reinforcement learning, deep learning from demonstration, vision-based end-to-end learning
  • Artificial intelligence deep learning, computer vision, autonomous agents, human-agent-robot teamwork
  • Social behavior modeling Modeling social and cultural behavior
    • L. Bölöni, T. S. Bhatia, S. A. Khan, J. Streater, and S. M. Fiore. Towards a computational model of social norms. PLOS ONE, 13(4):e0195331, 2018.   Download 
    • T.S. Bhatia, S.A. Khan, and L. Bölöni. Towards an operational model for the propagation of public perception in multi-agent simulation. In 13th International Workshop on Multi-Agent Based Simulation (MABS-2012), pp. 1–12, June 2012.   Download 
  • Networking and distributed systems sensor networks, cloud computing, scheduling
    • P. Gjanci, C. Petrioli, S. Basagni, C.A. Phillips, L. Bölöni, and D. Turgut. Path Finding for Maximum the Value of Sensed Information in Multi-modal Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 17:404–418, February 2018.  Download 
    • D. Turgut and L. Bölöni. IVE: improving the value of information in energy-constrained intruder tracking sensor networks. In IEEE Int. Conf. on Comunications (ICC-2013), pp. 6360–6364, 2013. Best Paper Award   Download 
  • Artificial General Intelligence narrative reasoning
    • L. Bölöni. Integrating perception, narrative, premonition and confabulatory continuation. Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures, 8:118–129, April 2014.   Download 
    • L. Bölöni. Autobiography based prediction in a situated AGI agent. In Seventh Conf. of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI-2014), pp. 11–21, August 2014. Kurzweil Best AGI Idea Prize 2014   Download 
    • Xapagy cognitive architecture - a system for narrative reasoning

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e-mail: lboloni@cs.ucf.edu / phone: (407) 243-8256 (Google Voice)
office: Harris Engineering Center (HEC) 319
4328 Scorpius Street, Orlando FL 32816

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