CNT 3004: Computer Network Concept

Summer 2012

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Instructor:        Dr. Cliff Zou (HEC 243),  407-823-5015,

Course Time:   TuTh 2:00PM - 3:50PM,   HEC  118

Office Hour:    TuTh  12:00PM - 2:00PM

Syllabus: (PDF)

Catalog Course Description

Network media, protocol, current and evolving standards for local, metropolitan, wide are and wireless networks.




     The objectives of this course are to introduce the fundamental concepts, structure and components of computer networking,  to overview selected protocols associated with the Application, Transport, Network, Link, and Physical Layers of the OSI Reference Model and to show how these protocols are organized to produce computer networks.

     The tentative grading policy is:

   Coursework                                                Approximate%

1.            Homework Assignments                    (30%)

2.            Midterm Exam 1                                 (20%)

3.            Midterm Exam 2                                 (20%)

4.            Final Exam (comprehensive)              (30%)

The final grade will use +/- policy, i.e., you may get A, A-, B+, B, B- grade.


Course Materials:

         Textbook:    B. A. Forouzan, Data Communications and Networking, 4th  Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2007.

              Class Notes: Class notes (in PowerPoint slides) will be posted on the class Web site before each class.

Chapters in the textbook covered in CNT 3004


Chapter 1        Introduction

Chapter 2        Network Models

Chapter 3        Data and Signals

Chapter 7        Transmission Media

Chapter 9        Using Telephone and Cable Networks for Data Transmission

Chapter 10      Error Detection and Correction

Chapter 11      Data Link Control

Chapter 14      Wireless LANs

Chapter 15      Connecting LANs, Backbone Networks, and Virtual LANs

Chapter 19      Network Layer Addressing (only the basic concepts needed for Chapter 25)

Chapter 25      Domain Name System

Chapter 26      Remote Logging, Electronic Mail, and File Transfer

Chapter 27      WWW and HTTP

Chapter 31      Network Security