IT Internship Program

UCF’s Information Technology Program is proud to offer an internship program for IT students. We are actively soliciting UCF Information Technology students that are interested in participating. Additionally, we are soliciting companies and organizations interested in hiring student interns.

Intern n: an advanced student or graduate gaining supervised practical experience
Webster’s Dictionary

The Premise

  • Internships are three-way partnerships between the educational institution, the student intern, and the organization where the intern takes on the challenge of a program of systematic experiential learning.
  • People who supervise interns at their professional work sites are busy people. They want to help their interns succeed, but they have limited time and resources to support their interns or to invest in becoming premier intern supervisors.

Internships are a Win-Win Proposition!

Benefits to the Student and University

  • Student’s educational experience is enriched. Internship projects provide exposure to problems and learning that can’t be learned in the classroom
  • Students strengthen their resume and experience for future employment
  • The University is able to broaden the learning experience for IT students and extend its service to the community

Program Scope

  • Internships will be for course credit and are generally paid hourly
  • Projects are planned to last one semester (12-15 weeks)
  • 10-15 hours per week
  • Students will be enrolled in CGS4941 IT Internship and charged UCF tuition and fees
  • CGS4941 IT Internship counts as an IT Restricted Elective course
  • Interns complete several short online assignments during the semester they are interning
  • Students are responsible for applying and interviewing for their own internship position

Mandatory Prerequisite Requirements

  • Declared undergraduate Information Technology major
  • Junior/Senior standing with a UCF GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Successfully completed the following core courses:
    • CGS 2545 Database Concepts
    • COP 3223 Introduction to Programming with C
    • COP 3330 Object Oriented Programming
    • COP 3502c Computer Science 1
    • MAD 2104 or COT3100 Foundations of Discrete Math
  • Availability to work off campus and possess reliable transportation

If you meet these requirements and would like to receive credit towards your IT degree, please fill out our student interest form  one semester prior to the semester you wish to intern.

Interested companies and organizations, please visit our Companies page for more information.