22C:54, section 2 - Programming Language Concepts

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Course Staff

The instructor for 22C:54, section 2, is visiting professor Gary T. Leavens. The TA is Yan Liu. Please do not hesitate to ask either of us questions.

The fastest way to receive an answer to a question is to phone Gary Leavens or Yan Liu, or to email both of us.

If you need to drop off an assignment or a note and we are busy or not in our offices you can leave it in the department office. The office staff there will note the current date and time and put it in Yan Liu's mailbox.

Gary T. Leavens
201L MLH
Phone: 335-0561
  Teaching Asst.
Yan Liu
201N MLH

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Last modified Thursday, June 25, 2009.

This web page is for the Fall 2000 offering of 22C:54 at the University of Iowa. The details of this course are subject to change as experience dictates. You will be informed of any changes. Thanks to Curt Clifton for help with these web pages. Please direct any comments or questions to Gary Leavens.