22C:181 - Formal Methods in Software Engineering, Spring 2001

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This page provides information on some of the resources available for students in 22C:181. The page is organized as follows:

  1. Miscellaneous Resources: about the course, formal methods for Java, and formal methods in general.
  2. Reserve List: A list of materials on reserve at the Mathematical Sciences Library

Miscellaneous Resources

The following are some links to various resources you may find useful about the course, formal methods for Java, and formal methods in general.

Course Resources

Formal Methods for Java

Other Formal Methods Resources

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Reserve List

To check out one of these (for a few hours or days), go to the Mathematical Sciences Library reserve desk. Take along the call number and title, or look up 22C:181 there.

Required Text


Author Cohen, Edward
Title Programming in the 1990s
Publisher New York, NY : Springer-Verlag, c1990.
Call Number TBD

Other Texts On Formal Methods

AuthorDijkstra, Edsgar and Carel S. Scholten
TitlePredicate Calculus and Program Semantics
PublisherNew York, NY : Springer-Verlag, c1990.
Call NumberQA9.35 D55 1990

AuthorHesselink, Wim H.
TitlePrograms, Recursion, and Unbounded Choice
PublisherCambridge, UK : Cambridge University Press, c1992.
Call Number92-24

AuthorMeyer, Bertrand
TitleObject-Oriented Software Construction (2nd ed.)
PublisherNew York, NY : Prentice Hall, c1997.
Call NumberTBD

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Last modified Tuesday, May 8, 2001.

This web page is for the Spring 2001 offering of 22C:181 at the University of Iowa. The details of this course are subject to change as experience dictates. You will be informed of any changes. Thanks to Curt Clifton for help with an earlier version of these web pages. Please direct any comments or questions to Gary Leavens.