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Standard activation and deactivation

Call M-x ecb-activate and M-x ecb-deactivate to activate or deactivate ECB1. If you want ECB started in a new frame see the option ecb-new-ecb-frame (default is nil). ecb-activate always raises and selects the ECB-frame even if ECB is already started.

Because ECB is a global minor-mode it can also be (de)activated/toggled by M-x ecb-minor-mode.

The following sequence of hooks is evaluated during activation of ECB:

  1. ecb-before-activate-hook
  2. <All actions for activation but no layout drawing>
  3. ecb-activate-before-layout-draw-hook
  4. ecb-redraw-layout-before-hook
  5. <Drawing the layout>
  6. ecb-redraw-layout-after-hook
  7. ecb-activate-hook

The following sequence of hooks is evaluated during deactivation of ECB:

  1. ecb-before-deactivate-hook
  2. <All actions for deactivation of ECB>
  3. ecb-deactivate-hook


  1. Activation is also possible via the menu ``Tools --> Start Code Browser (ECB)''.