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Automatic activation and deactivation

There are three options for auto. (de)activation ECB after Emacs-start and also major-mode based.

This option is for auto. activating ECB after Emacs-startup. Set this to not nil and ECB will automatically be started after Emacs comes up.
These option give you the possibility to activate (rsp. deactivate) ECB on a major-mode basis, means you can define for which major-modes ECB should be activated and for which modes it should deactivated (See Activation hook-sequence and Deactivation hook-sequence).

If activating or deactivating is too strong you can also customize ECB with these two option only hiding/showing it's ECB-windows (tree-buffers) on a major-mode basis. At last this is nothing more than auto. calling ecb-toggle-ecb-windows (see Interactive ECB commands) depending which major-mode is active.

If you activate ECB on a major-mode basis you probably want switch off displaying the tip of the day. You can do this with the option ecb-tip-of-the-day.