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Fixing the sizes of the special ECB-windows

GNU Emacs 21 introduced a new feature which can fix the sizes of a window displaying a certain buffer even after resizing the frame. This new feature is driven by the new buffer-local variable window-size-fixed.

ECB offers an option ecb-fix-window-size for fixing the sizes of the special ECB-windows/buffers even after frame-resizing. The fix type (valid values are nil, t, width and height) can either be set on a layout-basis (means a different value for each layout) or one value can be set for all layouts. In the latter case there is an additional value auto which choose autom. the senseful fix-type depending on the current layout-type: For top-layouts the fix-type height and for all other layout-types the fix-type width.

Probably the most senseful value is auto for all layouts because it makes less sense to fix the height of the ecb-windows in a left-, right- or leftright-layout. Same for fixing the width in a top-layout.

Note: With current Emacs 21.2.X there seems to be no distinction between width, height and t. Therefore this option takes no effect (means all ecb-windows have always unfixed sizes) if ecb-compile-window-height is not nil.