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Changing the sizes of the special ECB-windows

The standard width and height of the special ECB-windows is defined with the options ecb-windows-width and ecb-windows-height. But changing these options always influences all layouts which is not always desired.

ECB offers to re-adjust the width and height of the ECB-windows (e.g. by dragging the windows-borders via the mouse) and then saving exactly these current window-sizes for the current layout so after activating this layout all windows have autom. the stored sizes.

This is done via the option ecb-layout-window-sizes and the commands ecb-store-window-sizes, ecb-restore-window-sizes and ecb-restore-default-window-sizes.

Here is an example how to resize and store the sizes of the ECB-windows of layout "left1":

  1. Switch to layout "left1" via ecb-change-layout (C-c . lc)
  2. Resize the ECB-windows by dragging the window-borders with the mouse
  3. Call ecb-store-window-sizes

After this layout "left1" will be always drawn with the new sizes until you call ecb-restore-default-window-sizes during layout "left1" is active.

Please note: ecb-store-window-sizes stores the width and height of the windows per default as fractions of the width (rsp. height) of the ECB-frame, so the stored sizes are always correct regardless of the current frame-size! But if called with a prefix argument then fixed sizes are stored.