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Downloading new versions of ECB and/or required packages

ECB offers the possibility to upgrade to newer versions direct from the ECB-website. This can be done if the following requirements are satisfied:

  1. A connection to the web is available
  2. The tools "wget", "tar" and "gzip" are installed

    With Unix-systems these tools are in the standard-distribution. If you are running any Microsoft Windows system then you need cygwin1 which offers these tools too. On every system these tools must reside in the PATH environment-variable!

    If you are behind a firewall and you have to use a proxy you maybe need the following wget-configuration in your file ~/.wgetrc:

    # Define your proxies (where 8080 and 8081 are examples
    # for the port-numbers)
    http_proxy =
    ftp_proxy  =
    # If you do not want to use proxy at all, set this to off.
    use_proxy = on

If these requirements are satisfied you can download and install both ECB itself and also the required versions of semantic, eieio and speedbar:


  1. cygwin is available at