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Group ecb-download

This group contains the following options:

download-delete-archive User Option
Should the downloaded archive be deleted after successful installation or after failure during the installation-process. Possible values are:
  • only-after-success: Archive is only deleted after successful installation but not if a failure occurs during the installation process.
  • always: Archive is also deleted if an error occurs.
  • nil: Archive will never be deleted.

download-install-parent-dir User Option
Parent directory where downloaded packages are installed.

ECB installs a downloaded package in this directory, i.e. the downloaded archive X.tar.gz will be extracted in this directory so afterwards this directory contains a new subdirectory X which contains the downloaded package.

This directory must be write-able!

download-package-version-type User Option
Version type ECB is allowed to download for upgrading.

If you want to upgrade to a newer ECB-version via ecb-download-ecb or if you must upgrade to newer semantic- eieio- and/or speedbar-versions (because ECB requires these newer versions) then this option specifies which version-types are allowed. ECB checks on the download-sites of ECB/semantic/eieio/speedbar which versions are currently available and then downloads always the latest version matching the specified type:

  • 2: Get the newest version of all stable versions available.
  • 1: Get the newest version of all stable and beta versions available.
  • 0: Get the newest version of all stable, beta and alpha versions available.
  • -1: Ask before downloading in the minibuffer for a version (TAB-completion of all available versions is possible).

So, 2 means stable, 1 means stable and betas, 0 means stable, betas and alphas and -1 means ask the user for a version.

Per default stable and beta-versions are allowed (value 1).

But all versions must match the restrictions of the specified min- and max-versions of the required packages. For this see the file README!

download-url User Option
URL where download-able ECB-versions are located. The ECB-archive-file (e.g. ecb-1.70.tar.gz) will be appended to this URL and ecb-download-ecb will try to download this archive.

Note: Normally this URL should never change but who knows...