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Known bugs

This section describes all currently known bugs of ECB. The maintainers of ECB try to fix these bugs as soon as possible.

Following the source-file link in a help-buffer

The following bug occurs only in ECB-versions < 1.96 and is fixed since ECB 1.96!!

This bug only occurs if a compile-window is used and visible!

If you call functions like describe-function which displays a help-buffer in the compile-window, then you will often get an output like this in the compile-window:

ecb-activate is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `ecb'.

Activates the ECB...

The link to `ecb' is normally a click-able link, means if you click with the middle-mouse button onto it the file is opened (in our example ecb.el would be opened.

If you click onto it when the help-buffer is already the current buffer (i.e. the compile-window is already selected before the click!) then all is working fine (i.e. the file is opened in the edit-window), but if you click onto the link without selecting the compile-window before (i.e. the edit-window is the current selected window) then the file is opened in the compile-window which is probably not what you want. Not a big problem but annoying.

The only available workaround is, first selecting the compile-window and then clicking onto the link!

Extra history-entries for JDEE source-buffers

ECB on occasions creates an extra edit buffer for entries in the history window. For example, let say there are three entries in the history window:


In the edit window Test1 file is edited. When clicked on Test2 entry in history, on occasion instead of switching to the existing buffer for Test2, a new edit buffer is opened for Test2 file. At this point, there are four entries in the history as follows: